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Both as agents and neighbors, we know the community. We have the knowledge and local expertise to get the job done in today’s market. That's important! Our experienced professionals have access to top listings, a worldwide network, exceptional marketing strategies, and cutting-edge technology to help make your real estate experience memorable and enjoyable.

Hoagland Market Report

Price Trends

Staying up-to-date on home price trends is crucial for potential buyers and sellers because it allows them to make informed decisions based on current market conditions, increasing their chances of getting a fair deal. For buyers, understanding trends can help identify the right time to enter the market and could potentially save them thousands of dollars. For sellers, knowing the latest price movements can help in setting a competitive yet realistic asking price, thereby maximizing profit while minimizing time on market.

Home Market

Staying current on home market inventory is essential for buyers and sellers as it offers insights into the level of competition and availability in the market. For buyers, low inventory might mean higher prices and fewer choices, thereby necessitating quick, well-informed decisions to secure a suitable property. For sellers, understanding the inventory landscape helps in gauging how long it might take to sell their property and whether it's a seller's or buyer's market, which can influence pricing strategy and marketing efforts.

New Listings &
Contracts Signed

Monitoring the number of new listings and new contracts signed provides real-time snapshots of market activity, helping both buyers and sellers understand market momentum and demand. For buyers, a sudden increase in new contracts could indicate a hot market where quick action is needed to secure a desired property, while an increase in new listings might present more options and bargaining power. For sellers, a surge in new contracts can signal a strong seller's market, suggesting it might be a good time to list, whereas an influx of new listings without a corresponding increase in contracts could imply increased competition and potentially longer time to sale.

The agent you
choose matters

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My name is Matthew Hoagland, and I would like to thank you for considering our team's services in your search for a new home, listing your home, or relocating. I am a full time, licensed Real Estate Agent in the State of Kentucky, and I have lived in the Louisville area for my entire life. I am also a graduate from the University of Louisville Business School, and a very proud husband and father of three girls. Offering remarkable service has been the benchmark to my success. I take a lot of pride in providing my clients with the best possible experience.

The key to any Real Estate transaction is developing a relationship that involves open communication, organization, and honesty. There should also be a certain level of knowledge, understanding, and commitment from each party that ensures the transaction goes as smooth as possible.

We will work together toward the best possible outcome for you (the client). In addition, we will utilize the best marketing and technical tools that are available and at my disposal. I appreciate you giving our team the consideration in working with you on your next Real Estate Transaction.

Buyer and Seller Guides

Buyers Guide

In this comprehensive Buyer's Guide, you'll find invaluable insights and step-by-step advice on navigating the home-buying process from start to finish. The guide covers essential topics such as understanding your budget, the importance of pre-approval, how to choose the right neighborhood, and negotiating tactics to get the best deal. With tips, and real-life scenarios, this guide is designed to empower you to make informed decisions and smoothly transition into your new home.

Sellers Guide

In this Seller's Guide, you'll find step-by-step lists designed to guide you through each phase of the home-selling process. From preparing your home for the market to navigating closing procedures, these lists serve as actionable roadmaps. The guide also includes practical strategies for staging, effective marketing techniques, and negotiation tips, all aimed at helping you secure the best price for your property.

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Listen to how we have helped some others get to the next step of their home journeys

Home Owner
Home Owner
Home Owner
Ryan Betlach

Home Owner

I was originally referred to Matt as someone who works hard and works very well first people who are first time home buyers. We first made contact during the summer of 2020 and I didn’t end up closing on a house until the end of December. He was very thorough through the process and at no time did I feel like I was being rushed into buying a home. He even talked me out of buying a couple houses because he didn’t think that they were the right one for me. He was very helpful in teaching me the entire process and had recommendations for different people along the entire way. He always answers the phone (even now a month after closing). Today I know if I have any concerns I can call him and he will help me out. I will use him when it is time for me to sell this house and buy a new one as well. Highly recommended!

Sherry Livingston

Home Owner

Above and beyond! Matt Hoagland thank you for all of your help, guidance, encouragement, suggestions, and all of the house tours. You made my home buying journey less stressful. You went above and beyond and I will always appreciate you and all of your team. Your teams communication was top notch. I was always informed and made aware of situations when needed. Never once did I feel pressure to make a buy but instead to look for a home and make a good investment. Matt Hoagland "onward and upward!". Thank you.


Home Owner

Matthew was awesome! Such a great realtor. He made everything seamless and was so kind and professional. He was extremely responsive at all times. The mark of a great leader is to make it look so easy! Thanks a million Matt for helping make my new dream home a reality! You’re the best!

John Smith

Home Owner

I cannot say enough good things about our experience of buying/selling a house with Tony. From the beginning to the end Tony had our back and was always happy to take us to showings, give us expert advice, and help us write up aggressive offers. Anytime we needed help he knew the number to call (handyman, painter, loan officer, etc) He helped us buy and sell, he power washed, patched, painted, and helped us move all of our stuff to our new house. Tony is truly the MVP of our buying and selling experience. He is the absolute best when it comes to buying and selling your home. He is extremely knowledgeable and detail oriented. We were privileged to work with him and feel he was an integral part in helping us get top dollar for the house we sold and get an offer accepted on the house we bought. You will absolutely not regret buying and selling with Tony!

Matthew Emly

Home Owner

Couldn’t have asked for a better company and agent to work with! Between communicating and being honest and straightforward, nothing came as an unpleasant surprise. Matt outlined every part of this process and made things simple to understand.

Ryan Morris

Home Owner

Matt was very helpful throughout the entire process of selling our home and buying our new home. He kept us updated throughout the entire process. His advice helped us get multiple over asking price offers and helped us secure the home we were wanting. If you are looking for a realtor you would do yourself a huge favor by contains The Hoagland Team. Like