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See what Highview has to offer.

A suburban gem with parks and schools, offering a close-knit community feel. An ideal mix of residential comfort and local amenities.

Local Amenities

Highview offers a range of local amenities including shopping centers, gyms, and public libraries, making it convenient for daily living.

Outdoor Activities

With numerous parks and open spaces, the area is great for those who love to stay active outdoors, offering facilities for sports, hiking, and more.


Highview is well-connected by public transportation and is close to major highways, making it easy to get to other parts of Louisville or even out of town.

Highview: Convenience, Outdoors, and Easy Travel

Highview is a balanced neighborhood that nicely combines daily conveniences with opportunities for outdoor activities. From local shops to public libraries, you'll find everything you need for day-to-day living. Its parks and open spaces offer plenty of options for outdoor enthusiasts, while its strategic location makes traveling to other parts of Louisville a breeze. If you would like to learn more about Highview and find out if it is the best neighborhood for your next move, contact us today. We would love to speak with you.