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Living in Shively and Pleasure Ridge Park

This is a good place to start in choosing your next home or investment property. We've shared some data and cultural info on Shively and Pleasure Ridge Park below.

Shively Neighborhood

Shively, a former haven for the post-war housing boom, now showcases a variety of home styles and maintains a steady population, attracting families with its affordable living and close-knit community feel.

Commuting Convenience

Pleasure Ridge Park is favored for its easy access to major highways, offering residents swift navigation to Downtown Louisville, making it a preferred location for those seeking suburban serenity with convenient city connections.


Both Shively and Pleasure Ridge Park boast a diverse demographic, from young families to retirees, each drawn by the affordable housing market and the promise of a quieter, suburban lifestyle within minutes of downtown Louisville's amenities.

Suburban Bliss

Shively and Pleasure Ridge Park are suburban havens offering the allure of affordable, spacious homes with the bonus of swift access to downtown Louisville's vibrancy. Buying here means enjoying a peaceful community with all the urban perks just a short drive away.

Could Your Next Home be Here?

Many people choose Pleasure Ridge Park and Shively as a place to settle down. Are you looking for a nice home to live or invest in? Your next steps are easy. Reach out to let us know what you need. Also feel free to look around at recent listings below.